For our clients striving to achieve premium safety performance, EnerSafe's Safety Segment sets the industry standard with an unparalleled combination of elite HSE professionals and cutting-edge equipment.

No matter where your company's safety program currently stands, EnerSafe will apply extensive experience and customized solutions to assist you in reaching and exceeding all safety and compliance goals.

Our gas monitoring equipment is calibrated completely in-house to the highest standards in order to provide immediate notification of even the slightest presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). With an exclusive service inventory, EnerSafe Safety takes pride in offering an unrivaled variety of top level H2S services that will ensure your operation's compliance within state and federal regulations, as well as strengthen and broaden your company's safety culture on the job-site.  


• H2S Safety Services
• Gas Detection & Monitoring
• Entry Supervision
• Traffic Control
• Contingency Plans
• H-9's
• Respiratory Protection
• Confined Space Services
• H2S Training
• Fit Testing
• Hot Work Permitting


Consulting has played a significant role with our more than a half-century of experience in the Health, Safety and the Environment Training (HSE) industry. HSE is a rapidly changing field, and EnerSafe continues to be an industry leader in consulting that keeps you up to date with those changes. We help you succeed by sharing our extensive insight into the constantly evolving safety and emergency response needs of the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry. 

We provide consultation for: drilling, workovers, general safety, new completions, frac advisory, simulation advisory, and emergency response management; but our experience and expertise extends even further. We share your objective of keeping your job compliant and low-risk through keeping your employees knowledgeable and safe.

You can trust our highly experienced training team to deliver comprehensive help that gets results.
EnerSafe also offers consulting services for fire fighters, EMS personnel, and well site work.

  • Drilling Consulting
  • Workovers
  • Safey Consulting
  • New Completions
  • Frac Advisory
  • Simulation Advisory
  • Emergency Response Management


EnerSafe specializes in mobile solutions to ensure your worksite is compliant and safe. We combine strategies and processes that address the management of your site, the safety of your workers, and the health of the environment itself.

We offer both regulation-compliant, certified "smokeless" flares with "Quad O" compliant, manufacturer performance-tested combustors designed and developed by top combustion engineers, as well as traditional flare stacks that provide solutions for many scenarios; permanent and mobile.

We not only provide outstanding service to all major oil and gas plays within the continental United States, but also are expanding our product offering daily to accommodate the needs of our customers. Our expert staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deliver cutting-edge technology and dependable service. With just one call or click, EnerSafe can be at your service protecting your personnel, investments, and equipment with the latest safety measures.

  • Flare Stacks
  • Combustors
  • Nitrogen Purging
  • Roustabout Services
  • Cascade Systems
  • Shower/Recovery Combos (Cooling Trailers)
  • Recovery Trailer Rentals
  • Emergency Shower/Eyewash Stations
  • Lightning Dissemination Systems
  • Plant Turnaround Services


We are a proud vendor of a variety of different products, from the brands you know and trust.  Our extensive product offering continues to grow with the demand of our customers. 

If anything is for certain, it’s uncertainty. We take pride in our extensive selection of vital protective equipment, and set high standards to ensure a safe working environment for you and your team. EnerSafe offers a multitude of products, ranging from personal and stationary H2S monitors; impact gloves; high-visibility coveralls and clothing; fire protection equipment; emergency medical response devices such as defibrillators, first aid kits, and backboards; fall protection equipment and life-lines; confined space gas monitoring systems and intrinsically safe flashlights; as well as the industrial cases to house these items.

EnerSafe not only provides the products, but also the expertise to keep those products in compliance and well-maintained.  Our mobile fire extinguisher refurbishment unit is also a full service retail store. We’ve listened to our customers, and now offer the products that are the most sought-after in the HSE industry.  We provide online options to purchase, as well as in-store, by phone, or delivery for your convenience. Call or email for promotional specials or volume pricing.

We also offer emergency response and preparedness training; 40-hour hazmat (hazardous materials) training; new employee orientation; and much, much more. We’ve listened to our customers and now offer the products that are most sought after in the HSE industry. Call or email for promotional specials or volume pricing.

  • PPE
  • Fall Protection
  • Permanent Installations
  • Gas Detection
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Product Vending


  • EnerSafe provides training courses on a wide range of workplace safety topics, both in our own classrooms and remotely on-site. We share your objective of keeping your employees knowledgeable and safe, and you can trust our highly experienced training team to deliver comprehensive instruction that gets results. Some classes require a materials fee, and those with a “per person” fee may require a minimum number of attendees. Please contact our sales team for questions and pricing.

  • EnerSafe Trainers come from a variety of backgrounds including oilfield, military, emergency rescue, and secondary education.
    Each Trainer is expected to:
    • Obtain OSHA Outreach training (OSHA 501,511 or 500,510)
    • Obtain IADC Rig Pass Trainer Status
    • Complete ANSI Z390.1 Training on H2S
    • Complete COSS (Certified Occupational Safety Specialist)
    • PEC Core Instructor
    • Medic First Aid or American Heart Association Trainer
    • Additional Specialized training as needed.

    EnerSafe offers these classes and more.  We can even create custom content utilizing our own in-house media team, and provide online training.

If you would like to schedule any classes click here:


Certified Occupational Safety Specialist® (COSS®) Training

• Basic Courses
• Confined Space
• Safe Driving
• Fall Protection
• Fire Safety
• First Aid
• H2S
• Equipment (Aerial lifts, Crane, Forklift, Backhoe, Track hoe)
• Rigging (Safety and API RP-2D)
• Scaffolding
• Testing (Audiogram, Medical Evaluations, Drug Testing, Alcohol Testing, Respirator fit testing)
• OSHA (10, 30)
• PEC (Safe Land, Safe Gulf, PEC Core)
• IADC Rig Pass
• Company Orientations

If you or your staff is requiring a training program that isn’t listed here, please contact us for additional information.